So Saye

I Hate It

“I hate it when you treat me good, and I fall in love with you, then you push me away, and then I feel lost”.

  • Lamont Mercer

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

shinebrightlikeadiamondShine Bright Like a Diamond

Shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond

Your eyes are sparkling, I see diamonds through your eyes waiting for me

I juke my eyes through yours
Diamonds is all I see
Diamonds is all I see through your eyes, mama Africa, punctuating the existence of me
Your soul is wrapping me, touching every cell in my body
Diamonds is what I see through you, because you are as genuine as diamonds
I mean, diamonds is what you are mama Africa, I love you to death
You shine through the darkness even when the enemy hisses
Uncontrollably shaking vibes interrupting their mass destruction of our people with kisses

Shine bright like a diamond; shine bright like a diamond, through me like a diamond

The darkness is light, so don’t follow the light, for it leads you astray
Turn away, the opposite standing firm and tall
Moving mountains over mountains never attempting to fall
Your darkness hurts my eyes; shine through like a diamond; your success is like a diamond; your life is like a diamond; it’s rare like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond; shine bright like a diamond; shine bright like a diamond

Sitting patiently waiting for you to arrive at “make a difference street”
Should I wait for you to return to me?
Should I wait for to find your way?
I’m begging you mama to heal our wounds
Seal our cries with a smile , and wipe our tears with courage
Stomp your feet with demand, and shackle our love with menace,
For anything and everything that comes in our way will perish….
Respect my people and overstand this message….
You’re smiling at me so deeply, sharply, I see it….

Shine bright like a diamond, through me like a diamond, shine hard a diamond, rock hard like a diamond

Shine bright like a diamond; shine bright like a diamond
Mama Africa, you’re like an outcast, which makes you outstanding
You shine like a diamond so bold and freely
Continue making history and make your mark
Change is coming
Don’t dim your spark
Now rise up Africa and shine like a diamond


Poem By : Saytue Saye

Note: This poem is copywritten. Do not attempt to copy or distribute or sell this written piece as your own. You can use it only if credited.

Disrespecting Your Parents Will Make Your Life Go Down Hill

Disrespecting your parents will make your life go down hill. You’ll be wondering why your life is going so bad. A few years ago, I had to reevaluate my life and how I talked to people, especially my parents. One day, I made a promise to never disrespect my parents. I cried so hard to God telling him how sorry I was and how I felt. And each time I disrespected my parents, I’d cry harder asking God to allow me to be respectful of my parents and how it was a struggle to not express myself the way I wanted. In the event of my life changing experience, I realized that it wasn’t what I was saying to my parents, but how I was saying it to them that caused all of the confusion. Ever since I found out the secret to expressing myself how I want to toward my parents, my life has changed for the better. Who would’ve ever known that I blocked every single last of my blessings just by disrespecting my parents and not listening to them.