A Stutterer’s Expression

Stutter Short Film 2016
Stutter Short Film 2016

Finally! A stuttering awareness movie that get’s recognized. I may be a little late speaking about the Stutterer, the movie that won best short action film on the Oscars, and believe me when I tell you that I didn’t even watch the Oscars, but when I heard about it, I had to watch this short film.  My reaction resulted in being as shocked as you were (probably); it truly is a great short film.

Let me take the time to reintroduce myself. My name is Saytue Saye and I am a stutterer. I’ve stammered my whole life. Growing up, I’ve had people laugh at me in my face (family) and turn around a say it’s not funny, but it’s funny. Growing up, I’ve had my confidence stripped away from me because I couldn’t get my words out fast enough. People talk over me, rush me to speak, and simply didn’t listen to what I had to say, because my words couldn’t come out fast enough, fluently enough. I’ve felt isolated because I felt like nobody understood how I felt; and I damn sure wasn’t brave enough to express how isolated I felt. My anxiety kicked in at the worse times, especially around my friends and a group of people causing me to become socially awkward. I would literally talk in my head rehearsing what I would say to people in hopes of not stammering so bad causing them to be turned off. I hated to argue, I got frustrated of my words being stuck. I usually cry during these times because I feel unheard and angry at the fact that I feel unheard.


As you can see, I struggled with my stuttering problem as a child. It kind of made me into a loner. I may get a little emotional in this article piece, and that is because as a adult, I’ve overcome my stuttering problem. Actually, you probably wouldn’t believe if I told you I use to host a very popular online radio show for almost six years called Mixture of Arts where I’ve interviewed celebrities such as: Mimi Faust, Sean Paul (from Young Bloodz), Dj Paul (from 3 6 Mafia), Boonie Mayfield, and many others. I can also stand in front of a camera and talk without feeling embarrassed when I get stuck on a word. And I can hold a decent conversation without you even noticing that I stutter. I have confidence in my stammer. It’s no longer a stammering problem, because I don’t let my stuttering control my life- Anymore!

I can totally resonate with the Irish short film Stutterer. It almost made me cry. It’s very personal. It makes me happy to know that we “stutterers” finally had our voices heard. The film is written, directed and edited by Benjamin Cleary, produced by Serena Armitage and Shan Christopher Ogilvie, and director of Photography Michael Paleodimos.


Below you will find a a quick video I did on this topic. It’s called “A Stutterer’s Expression”. I’m being brutally honest and sincere. You may feel some kind of way, but hey, it’s a stutterer’s expression. I am a stutterer and this is how I feel.


Do the watermelon stereotype offend you or nah?

1931 Little Black Girl Eating Watermelon Naive Watercolor Painting
1931 Little Black Girl Eating Watermelon Naive Watercolor Painting

Do all black people love watermelon ice cream? As bad as I want to say no, I’ll just say the majority of black people love watermelon ice cream. Hell, I believe black people love anything watermelon, not unless you are allergic to watermelon. So, does this make the watermelon sterotype true?


Let me put you on game if you didn’t know. Since the 19th century, watermelon has been one of the biggest and major racist symbol in the United States. The watermelon sterotype is basically another sterotype of black people; it is assumed that all black people have a craving for watermelons. Even though it is unclear of the exact origin on the watermelon, black people and watermelon stereotype goes back to slavery days. Back in the day, paintings were painted of black people eating watermelon to show how simple minded they are. Don’t know if you realize it (I know I haven’t), but this stereotype has been in film, music, even decorations for several decades. It is said that even Barack Obama detractors used watermelon imagery in his persidental campanign.



You remember as a child being in the house, and soon as you hear the ice cream truck, you run to your mama for a dollar, then you’d run outside hoping not to miss it, but you barely made it, because you had to run all the way on top of the hill? Yea, this is just one of the fond memories of being a child and the ice cream truck. If I knew then, what I know now about the ice cream truck song, I probably would’ve never bought any ice cream from the ice cream truck… hell, I really do not feel like ever buying ice cream after knowing about the ice cream song. But can I ever stop buying ice cream? No, for two reasons. One is because I love ice cream and two, my children love eating ice cream. You’ve heard the saying, ignorance is bliss? Well, in this case it is, because it’s deeper than just watermelon and the ice cream song. Whether I feel some kind of way about the sterotype, at the end of the day, I truly love eating ice cream, and not just the watermelon kind either. It kind of kills be when I hear racial slurrs and black people talking about how racism still exist, because at the end of the day, we hate on each other every day of the week. Not to mention, bullying is terrible, but yet we bully each other with nasty comments and violence, but yet get offended when “white people” sterotype us and create the ice cream song.

Benefits of Watermelon

I don not know how you feel about the ice cream cream song, but this is a song “we” have heard for centuries, but yet never knew a single word like we know every word to our favorite Hip Hop song. Who’s fault is that? Just keep it moving and continue eating your ice cream, because it’s too late now to hate watermelon’s and ice cream. Fact is, watermelon is especially important for our cardiovascular health by soothing sore muscles, helps heart health, and rich in vitamins and minerals, but low in calories.    watermelonbenefits     So, regardless of what you think of the ice cream song and the watermelon sterotype, watermelon is good for the body, and your health come first.

Just Like a Mother



Scrubbing the floor on her knees

She wipes the fragments and food particles from on the floor

Feeding the family as she stands tiredly really for bedtime

Who is she kidding? She is a mother and a mother’s job is never done


Reading “Sammy the Seal”

This reading process isn’t going so well

She will continue to read everyday so her child’s reading skills can develop


Yes, she’ll never get tired of teaching the skills needed for real life

And as her child gets older , he she will realize and appreciate the value of his her mother’s effort


“Wash the dishes”

“Take out the trash”

“Cut the onions”

“What does the directions say”?


“The word is thank you”

“You are welcome”

“Say excuse me”

“Always be true to yourself”


The words of a true mother never gets forgotten

and the strength of her willingness never underestimates her self worth

Her presence is what gives her child life as they begin to seek what life is

Never judging for nothing because her love is unconditional


She hugs tight and gives the best hugs

Kisses like Hershey Kisses until she gets enough

Prays for the best in everything

Acknowledge pain when it needs to be seen

Not afraid to express how she feels

Her child respect and understand her wills

Not even a single bill can take away a mother’s love for her child

Just like another mom can’t replace her in her child’s life


This mother is bold and beautiful

Taking the days of her life one day at a time in real time

Never giving up on what she loves

What she love is herself and family

This is the reason for carrying herself EXACTLY how she suppose to…..


Just Like A Mother!

A mother of courage

A mother of great hope

A mother of strength

O, what a wonderful parent.


A mother of the earth

A mother of the land

A mother of truth that inspires and transcends


A mother of life

A mother of the sea

A mother of greatness that expands within you and me


A mother of kind gestures

that passes from generations to generations

A mother of beauty that carries her life span for ages


The mother of my life is what instills in me

She is just too perfect and that perfect-ness is what shines through me

I’d have it no other way…

For my mother is the best mom ever!


Happy Mothers Day!