Is a unborn fetus a human being?

babyThis is the topic me and my fiance were discussing a few days ago. And to be frank, my answer was so so. It started out when he asked me if I believe my unborn child was a human being; do I ever think of my miscarriage? Nobody ever asked me a question like that, and I actually froze for a minute to think about it. Hmm, is a unborn fetus a human being, yes or no, maybe?

We know that biology teaches us that the moment conception is taken place and a organism comes into existence, this new life can realistically be considered as human life. 


Some people argue whether or not zygotes, embryos and fetuses are people. Some believe they are not until a certain amount of pain is felt or even birth or after one year of life. Regardless of these beliefs, knowing that contraction represents human life is Science. 


Now that I think about it, a baby’s heart beat develops 18 days from conception and it starts pumping blood through a circulatory system within the 21st day. To me, this is when a fetus can be considered a human being. I believe so, because without a heart a person can not survive.  Speaking from a deeper point of view, the heart is the only organ in or bodies that actually speaks truth. Our heart gives us instincts, feelings, happiness, sadness, doubts, etc about everything. Our hearts even tells us exactly who we are as a person, but for some odd reason, most people believe the brain does all the truth telling; when really, we only use 1% of our brain.


I heard of a great analogy that made a lot of sense. If a pregnant woman is in a car accident with a driver under the influence and her unborn child is killed, the driver can be up on charges of vehicular manslaughter. That being said, how is it different when a abortion is done? Either way, a life was stopped or taken away. The same thing with miscarriages. All of these different situations stop a fetus from growing. That just like a carrot. When a carrot is planted underground, it’s still a carrot, but just a seed. And when that carrot start to grow, you will never see its full blown potential until you dig and see it underground. 


Understanding these scenarios make me understand how some women feel when they lose a child. Most women that lose their child after birth become depressed. It’s like they went through the entire emotional drama, curiosity , and pain just to deliver a baby that is to die within a few minutes, hours, days, even months. Yea, I feel their pain.


When I had a miscarriage 10 years ago, it didn’t really hurt me. I guess I just knew I was going to have another one, because I was only 17 at the time. Would it have hurt me more if I lost the only chance of ever becoming pregnant? Maybe so, because children are a gift, and I knew I wanted the experience of having that gift.

What are your thoughts?

Is being a gay or lesbian connected to a past life?

iStock_000035747344LargeDo you believe in past life? I’ve been contemplating on whether or not to write this article on why Gay people are gay and why lesbians are lesbians. I understand this topic is quite sensitive, and I’ m not sure if my article may be taken a little offensive; however, this piece is not intended to offend anyone, because I don’t judge anyone by their sexuality. It’s a topic that has been floating in my head, and I just want to write about it .

Some Gay man and lesbians say that they have always been that way since a kid. Even when growing up, they still felt like their sexuality of being with the opposite sex never resonated with them. Why is that? How is that possible? Of course you have the ones that never thought about being with the same sex, but yet somehow ended up with the same sex. I wonder if this person is strictly in denial, or they truly never knew they liked the same sex. If this is the case, how do we explain bi-sexuals?

I can’t lie, I am not into women, however I love a natural beautiful woman and I love a phat ass. I am not afraid to tell a beautiful woman she is beautiful, and I’m not afraid to tell her she has a nice looking ass either. This may seem a little awkward, but I am 100% not lesbian. Honestly speaking, I love a phat ass because I love my ass to be phat, so when I see a woman with one, it’s my nature to admire its beauty. It’s the same with art. If you know me, then you know I’m artistic, creative and very weird. Regardless of what you consider art, a lot of things can be art from a artistic point of view. And because I love every woman in every way, to be able to recognize a beautiful woman with a feature on that woman that resonates with my inner self, not only makes me feel great to be able to make another woman feel great about herself but also know that it is okay to compliment another woman. You may assume that I do like women, but like I said, nope, it is not the case. You are entitled to your own belief, since I know more people judge other people based on what they see, not what they actually know about a person.

So, again, why are gay people gay and why are lesbians lesbians? Each of us, since we were little have always loved certain things. Whether it’s fascination with China or Africa; maybe fascination with Ocean or mountains; I believe we are fascinated and are resonated with certain things because of our past life. Do you even believe you had a past life? Most of us don’t, but I believe in past lives. I believe I was a man that was famous and very creative, smart, and that loved to travel. If you asked me why I believe in past lives, I will tell you because we are not in heaven. In order to get to heaven we must first past through the 13th dimension, and because we are at 3D, we have a lot more stages to run. It is the same way with energies. You can’t lie and say you don’t feel positive and negative energies even though you can’t physically see it nor touch it. It is based on instinct. To be real with you, instinct  is the best and only way to know, not by sight. How many times have you been wrong, because of your thoughts? How many times have you been in trouble because you didn’t listen to your heart? My point is that the heart knows best; it is the single organ in our bodies that actually tells us the truth, whether it’s about how we feel about someone, ourselves, or even if we should be doing certain things, the heart never lies.

So, this goes back to gay’s and lesbians. When one say they’ve always felt like they were suppose to be the opposite sex, believe them. We do not always know the reasons for our emotions and actions, but if we listen close enough to our heart by blocking our thinking, we will realize how important it is to think with our heart, not not brain. Reason is this, the majority of the world’s mind are calcified with junk: war, violence, bad foods, etc. It’s also a known fact that we use only 1% of our brains to think. And you wonder why life seem so complicated to each of us. Whether it’s being gay or a lesbian, depression, anxiety, trust issues or even the need to feel needed or wanted, each of these feelings are connected to our past lives.

What do you believe?

Watch a video on reincarnation by Infinite Waters. Deep stuff

Life of the crippled child

IMAG0881Hesitantly  staring at a black space between the crack of her fingers. How will she ever learn to use it? Crying for help on the inside; she dies silently knowing the journey isn’t going to be easy, breasy like Cover Girl. Poor child, you have no experience; the work experience is giving you hell. And though you know how much potential you have, you’ve been cripple far to long, it makes it difficult to be able…. mentally and physically. It matters now to be strong, not weak. It matters now to be willing, not disinterested.  It matters now to be capable, because in the real world you must be capable… prepared, reliable, responsible. How in the world are you going to break your bad habit?

The bad habit that you have is not intentional, yet obedient. As much as you want to grow up, they are still not letting you believe it, giving you the space to be it. How can you say you are a woman when you were never prepared? All the things you wish to do seem so forceful.  The pain it takes just to follow through. The patience that breaks when obstacles come in your way. The need for someone to do “it” for you; as much as it feels bad, it still feels good.  And though a tiny life changing experience changed the course of your ability, I believe that change actually enhance your potentiality. And because your indifference makes you stand out, sometimes it takes effort just to not sharpen your weakness; at the end of the day your weirdness stands you out from the masses. They didn’t respect you, but now you are simply extraordinary to them.  And still you’re crippled. You’re leveled on so many levels, you are who you are, that is why you are what you say you are, think you are, believe you are…

Believe it or not people like you, love you, even admire you. Your strength, courage, and creative, weakness is everything they admire about you.  And though you say you can’t do certain things, your disability sits in the corner and stay low. Nobody knows of your disability until you say so; it isn’t noticeable in the limelight, you mind as well not bring it to life in this life. Even though you’ve been crippled all of your entire life, you can’t continue blaming spoil rottenness as a way of getting out of this tough life.

I understand it’s hard

I understand you’re not use to this

I know of your lame body parts

I know of all of your flaws

I know of your gifts

And I know of your love

I know of your passion

I know of your limits

I know of your deep meaning behind all of this

You are a star child


You are Inspiring….. You are Capable…. You are Able!

By: Saytue Saye