Things lame ass niggas say about Thot



Lame ass niggas will always be lame ass niggas

Real ass niggas gon be real ass niggas from Day1, they’re A1

Things lame ass niggas say about that hoe over there….

Telling they friends how good her head game be….

Downing Thot about how she fucked him and his friends for free

Laughing at thot that just made all A’s in school, but yet this lame ass nigga made all F’s, even in Physical Ed

This lame ass nigga is a lame ass nigga, and though he’s portraying of being a A1 nigga, in school he’s a bum ass nigga, a run game ass nigga

This dumb ass nigga have no clue how powerful that hoe over there is

How that hoe over there can dress her ass off, is beautiful in her skin, but yet that hoe over there has low self-esteem

How bitches wanna fight her for these lames niggas that ain’t about shit

Including you, you a fool lame nigga

Keeping your feeling on the low coz your lame ass done told the whole neighborhood about that hoe over there

sucka ass nigga, should’ve kept that shit to yourself

Now your lame ass catching feelings, and can’t tell thot coz niggas in the neighborhood know she’s a slut

Can’t be her main nigga coz your lame ass abused it

Don’t you know she’ll do anything you ask fuck nigga?  You gon learn today

She’s only 13, you’re 16… please believe that whack shit will fade away

Thot is growing mighty fast, better change your ways

Coz when she’s grown she’ll cut your throat fast

Lame ass nigga shut that fuck shit up

Talkin bout how fast you came in her mouth

Nigga, do you know how you sound?

That hoe over there got your ass whipped, yeen know?

And the words you say that come out your mouth is the sign of a weak nigga, young nigga

Now what your ass gotta say about Thot?

That hoe over there is a badd one

Got brains, got knowledge, phat ass, phat face, and a gorgeous personality

Your lame ass don’t know how to handle it

And as soon as she real eyes how much potential she have

Sooner she’ll real eyes she can do better

Coz your lame ass ain’t doing shit for her

talking bout, o, that hoe over there got that wet wet

O, that hoe over there let all my niggas hit

Damn, that hoe over there badd as shit

That hoe ever there slow as fuck

That hoe over there keep the conversations going though

That hoe over there always clean

That hoe over there walk is mean

That hoe over there funny as hell

That hoe over there keep a nigga on hard

That nigga make a nigga bust a nut

That hoe over there stay in school

That hoe over  there keep these bitches hating

That hoe over there…. that hoe over there, got damn, that hoe over there

I swear, the shit lame niggas say about that hoe over there

Why is she a hoe though?I’m just saying, why that hoe over there gotta be a hoe?

Why do Oreos taste so good?

oreocookiestitaniumoxideIt is no secret Oreo cookies are the bomb, and I mean literally. When we eat junk foods and other kind of foods, why do we not read the labels? And if so, why do we continue buying the kind of foods that are killing us?

Speaking for myself, I read food labels all of the time, and I refuse to buy anything that have more than 5 ingredients; at the end of the day, real foods do not have more than five stuff made up of it. If I feel like being fat, and not really think of what’s in the food I’m eating, then I won’t read the label, because if I see it, and read it, I will not buy it. That being said, maybe that is why the majority of the people never read labels. They just want to enjoy the taste and not what their food is going to actually do to them. It is a bad habit, because as soon as sickness such as Cancer or Diabetes arrive, confusion kicks in about “how” and “why”.

As of today, Oreo is the number one best selling packaged cookie in America, and is 102 years old. Despite its huge accomplishment, here are some facts you need to know:

 10 Facts About Oreo Cookies

  • Oreo cookies were first created in a New York City bakery and sold in a tin for 30 cents per pound in 1917.
  • They were initially named “Oreo Biscuits.” But the name changed to the “Oreo Crème Sandwich” in the 1940s and to the “Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie” in the 1970s.
  • The original Oreo recipe included pork fat for the creamy center.
  • The original Oreo recipe included pork fat for the creamy center.
  • In China, you can purchase green tea ice cream flavored Oreos.
  • They can be found in more than 100 countries.
  • Women rather than men are more likely to pull their Oreos apart before eating them.
  • Oreos became Kosher in December 1997.
  • More than 450 billion Oreo cookies have been sold worldwide since their debut.
  • Oreos are the world’s best-selling cookie.


We can agree Oreos have history, but didn’t you say “eww” when you realized that pork fat was the creamy part? I sure did. Not check this out; it was stated today on CNN that two California men are charged a life sentence for stealing titanium oxide; a chemical used to whiten the cream in Oreo cookies. It is also a known fact that titanium oxide is used to manufacture paper, plastic, and paint. Gross right?

The recipe from Dupont invoved the support of the Chinese government, “the government of the PRC identified as a priority the development of [TiO2] production capabilities” . The United States says that its Pangang company wanted to obtain the formula, in which generates about $17 billion in global sales a year for DuPont. Panang’s vice director has also been charged in the case, but hasn’t yet been found by US authorities.

I don’t know about you, but what would you rather eat, pork fat or titanium oxide? Probably neither, but if you’re the types of person that never read labels and is okay with being ignorant by ignoring the facts, then I guess eating oreos is okay and is good for you.

Anyways, since you eat Oreo cookies, why do you like it so much?

Looking Ass Nigga (Nicki Minaj Official Video) Review

I have to admit. Nicki Minaj went hard on her newest track, “Looking Ass Nigga”. Fitting it is since niggas nowadays be hating super hard; whether it be your ride or die bish or nigga, or even your family, niggas just be looking ass niggas hating, because they’re some looking ass niggas that aren’t doing shit.

“Look at ya’ll niggas, look at ya’ll bitch ass niggas stop lying on your dick ass niggas. Look at your can’t get a job so you plotting how to rob ass niggas”….

Seem like niggas been lying on her ass to.

“Look at your looking ass stop looking at my ass now nigga, look at ya’ll lying ass niggas talking about is paid off this fine ass lying ass nigga”….

Anyways, what do you think of the new track?